How much does the internet know about your kids?

Recently, there’s been a data breach within a toy manufacturer by the name, V-Tech. They produce electronic toys for children that often times try to ‘copy’ mature electronics, such as tablets, phones, and computers. He only difference is they try to take a more kid friendly approach to appeal to younger audiences. This is all fine until children’s privacy and location as well as even some pictures of them can be broadcasted to the world. The data breach was enacted by a foreign hacker, who found children’s locations, full names, and selfies they’ve taken. The scary thing is, is how easy he pulled this off. He used a simple hacking program to break into their systems, without them even knowing, this is until the hacker came out and told the press about the incident. V-Tech claims to have ramped up security to counter this in the future, but what about other websites, are they allowed to collect your child’s information? They are not allowed to collect information about minors because of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, but there is a bit of a loophole. You see, if for example, Google collected data on students while they’re using the internet in the classroom it would be illegal, but whenever they get home that’s not the case. When they get home they can use any cookies they’ve collected on them to market advertisements towards them. This is legal on because this is not something covered in the act. Look, the internet is a new frontier, something hard to place laws on, but if we don’t take some measures to protect our identities and our children, we’re going to regret it. The internet has caused a lot of arrests and more, and although it can be a wonderful place full of information, it can be just as dark.

Is Cable TV dying?

This Article talks about people who stopped ordering their Television subscription, or never ordered one in the first place. Multiple studies show that Ten Percent of Americans have stopped ordering a cable service, and in that percentage, there are some Americans who never had one in the first place. Cable companies have commented on this ‘issue’ and have said that this decrease in cable subscriptions is a “fad”, and that this ‘fad’ will too pass. Whether this is a fad or not, it shows how the internet may be affecting huge corporations. The reason is say this is because of online subscriptions, like Netflix, Hulu Plus, And Amazon Prime getting very popular, especially with younger audiences. Could this generation be the death of cable companies? Maybe so, and with gaming consoles now implementing applications such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, you could just get a gaming console, and have all of your entertainment needs. Although this could be a fad, cable corporations need to be on top performance if they want to stay in business. This means providing the best customer service possible, as well as providing the best streaming service they can offer. Also, they need to market to younger audiences, using ads on applications, using commercials that would appeal to a younger audiences, and speaking to these gaming corporation to bring their service to this ‘bundle’ of entertainment. They wither change with the times, or get left behind.

We Need 2 Talk

Are social media websites destroying the way we develop relationships? No. If anything, they’re building them. Recent studies found that only an average of 8 percent of teens find their significant other on a website. Although young adults may use social media to communicate with each other, that does not signify any lack of an actual relationship. From my own experience, the only reason I use text and social media to talk to my girlfriend, is because I have no way to actually get over to her house (Plus her dad doesn’t want her dating.) Social Media lets teens explore their relationships however they want, and it definitely isn’t killing the true chemistry humans have towards one another.

Delete Facebook?

Should we delete Facebook? That’s the question we’re going to answer today. Facebook is one of the most popular and most used social media franchises of the modern world. Facebook consists of a ‘feed’ and a ‘wall’. These two things are the most important thing in your Facebook profile. From your feed you see all your friends’ posts, such as pictures, status updates, and shares and likes from other people/pages. What this does is basically feed our narcissism, and make us feel more important to others, when in reality they only really bother thinking about themselves. The whole idea of social media is kind of hypocritical and stupid. Chances are if you post about yourself and the journeys you go through then you are doing that to feed your narcissism. Most, if not everyone, on social media platforms are obsessed about their ideologies’ and their experiences. In a way, it’s a never ending battle of whose life looks better, which in return, eats away at the short time period we have on this earth anyway. This is an epidemic and it’s already ended multiple lives due to the fact we want to live better than others. One example of this is in 2011, where a young Australian man plunged to his death after doing a popular tend, dubbed ‘planking’. Our obsession with ourselves is cutting off our communication with the rest of the world. Wake up people, experience the world through your eyes, not a camera or a status feed.

The Difference between a Job and a Career

What are the differences between a job, and a career? Is there any difference between a job and a career? If so, what differences? These are the main questions we’re going to be looking at, and answering. A job is something that in general, is temporary. It’s not something you want to do for the rest of your life, but you need money, so you must have said job. But is there really a difference? Or is it all just a barrier people have created over time? A job makes you money, so does a career, although a career usually pays more, but you spend more effort and time learning how to do said job. Jobs have created many opportunities, especially for people looking to pursue a lifelong career. The job may support the career financially and is able to support said person by providing them with a substantial salary for the time being. In short, a job is something that is temporary, but depending on how well you do it, it may lead to more career opportunities later in life. A career however is a skilled trade, something that take studying, degrees, college, etc. You want to shoot for a career but have a job ready to support you financially while you’re on the journey to your career,

A 14 Year Old Buys a Florida home

Recently a 14 year old purchased a concrete, Florida home that she now rents out to nice couple that has a infant. She doesn’t legally own the entire home as of now, but she does legally own 50% of the home and gets monthly rent from the people renting out the home. She says she plans on saving up and buying the house from her mom when she turns 18 years of age. Could she be a symbol of the drastic decrease in the real estate market? Her interviewers asked her and she vaguely nodded while adding that she doesn’t want to be symbolic of anything, she just wants to get income from her property and possibly start a future in real estate. In my opinion this doesn’t necessarily symbolize the real estate markets low, but instead sheds light on the fact that if more investors and regular people bought more houses for a cheaper price (because of the real estate bubble) they could participate in making the market better.

Personality Test

Personality Profile Test


I do not think the results were very spot-on. My results were (In order from least to greatest) Support Person, Command Person, People Person, and Detail Person. I do think I’m a very ‘Detail’ person, but when it comes down to it, I’m mainly a Support person. This is because I help people get through tough times. The other results were pretty good. I am a very good people person, because I connect with people very easy and I can deal under other people’s pressure. I also agree with the Command person result. I can be very organized and when I need to, I can make people do the things they need to. JROTC also helps with this trait. Another is Detail Person. I kind of agree with this one, mainly because I do ask a lot of questions. I look deeper into things so I can fully understand it, without any lack of knowledge on the subject. All these describe me, some less than others. I think the results in some ways were wrong, but were completely right in other retrospect’s. I think I’m more of a support and command person. I support people who come to me for help, and I also like to lead people in the wrong direction.